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The Advertising program has undergone drastic changes over the last four years, and with it, our outlook on advertising. Over the past four years, and in some cases, more, each of us has honed our craft, in every discipline, from every angle, to produce work we are all truly excited to showcase. Each student had the opportunity to work on three campaigns in their final semesters at OCAD U; one, an individually driven campaign for a brand of our choosing, and two client-based campaigns, for which we partnered with two up-and-coming women-led startups to produce campaigns that had real-world applications, to acclimate us to the industry standards and demands.


Unfortunately, as our responsibility as global citizens preceded our academic duties, our class was faced with a challenge that none of us could have ever foreseen. Thus, the traditional team-based theses became individual theses in many cases, and the project and our approach to it shifted a great deal. This obstacle has been difficult, but not insurmountable, and has proved that the ideas we have cultivated in the last 4 months are resilient, much like our creative minds, spirits, and passions.


Each student was to choose a brand or product that we were passionate about and solve an underlying problem for the chosen brand. We eventually came to know each of our brands intimately and ended up producing beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful campaigns that emphasized the skills and showcased our passion for our craft.


The ambition of these projects was for each of us to transcend our student learning, and truly step into the fast-paced, hyper-creative group setting that we will face in the industry. 


This produced highly original campaigns for each brand we worked with. Nearing the end of the semester, the OCADvertising students would typically be preparing for a series of three days of presentations, so we can finally showcase the fruits of our labour.


As the global response to COVID-19 developed, and many universities shut their doors, we as students had to adapt quickly. As a group, we were given many options for completing our final year, as continuing to work in the traditional setting was no longer an option. 


Every student works through their time at OCAD U looking forward to their GRADEX experience, and the OCADvertising class of 2020 is no different. Despite the many setbacks and obstacles we faced as a cohort, we came together to face the loss of our final exhibition as one, and we are not about to go out without a bang. Thanks to Sabrina Elewa, we collected our work into an online exhibition for all to enjoy. For our final theses, viewers will see many different variations of work style. Insights and creative ideas were completed in groups, and creative executions were either created in groups or individually. We are stronger together, and we hope that all of our hard work and dedication shows through in the final pieces now presented to you. 

Thank you to Jessica Huynh for her illustration skills, Rachael Foley and Niamh Gyulay for their copywriting and Katherine Garnett, Dominika Burek and Zoë Petropoulos for their photography. 


With blood, sweat and tears, 

from 6 feet apart,

we thank you.

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